Heads Up! September’s Upcoming Green Days

13 Sep

Eid and Ganesh Chaturthi may be over, but there are a few more Celebrations left in September. Here come the Green Days, and we’re not talking about the band. There are 21 Green Days annually, so we’ve jotted down September’s Special Days for you.

Coming Up

16th September is International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. Designated by United Nations, the day is better known as Ozone Day and is earmarked to spread awareness. Remember, Ozone Day is different from Ozone Action Day which comes every summer.

Close on the heels of Ozone Day is Clean Up The World Weekend from 17-19 September. Take up a project with some friends. Head out for a hike and pick up the litter along the trail on your way back home. Or gather some neighbours from Commonfloor.com and organize a recycling drive in your neighborhood.

21st September is Zero Emissions Day, so forget your vehicles for a day, fix that puncture on your rusted ole bicycle and take it for a spin.

22nd September is World Car Free Day, leave your car at home and head for the bus-stand.

We celebrate Valentine’s Day for Love, Festival Days for our Gods and National Holidays to stand by our Nation. We even celebrate Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day, Friendship Day, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day to express affection for others. Doesn’t Planet Earth also merit a few days of our attention?

Talk about it. Blog about it. Tweet about it. Spread the word. Wear a funky t-shirt, grab a badge, buy a green device or get that composter for your home. Do something, do anything to create an eco-friendly India and spread the message of sustainable living.

Show your gratitude to Mother Earth this September.

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